Flags, Banners and Textiles

I have been working with the Flag Shop Victoria for the past several years. Here are some of the flags and banners I have designed.


2017 Street Banners for the Town of Lake Cowichan


img_2620This flag was designed from a painting. I took elements from the existing painting and created a vector illustration that would retain the feel of the original piece and work well as a flag. This flag now flies in Wellington, New Zealand.



These Vancouver Island Fish flags were created in collaboration with Paul Servos based on the concept of fish flags used in Mexico. They are just another way to brag about the  amazing catch you’ve had…


I have also had the opportunity to do some work for my good friend Tierre Taylors’s millinery business.  Here are a few examples:


Ted Harrison was a mentor and a friend to me.  In 2015, his estate commissioned me to do a colouring scroll for his memorial.