Woven Webs & Felt Friends

Urbanite at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria was a huge sucess! Every one was really involved in the collaborative weaving activity and it was so fun to see the art pieces grow and change over the night as different people added their contributions. It was also interesting to see how the three pieces that began so tidy ended up becoming more and more free and experimental as people lost their inhibitions over the evening- At one point, someone even came running over to weave in a wine glass! Knotty by Nature owners, Stephanie and Ryan were also in attendance, enjoying the party and meeting many newly inspired fiber enthusiasts.

For some hilarious boomerang videos from the evening, check out #aggvurbanite on instagram. I have posted some action shots from the evening and you can also see a kiss that will last for eternity. Now that is romance!

After spending all evening with the beautiful felt and yarn I was inspired to pull out my own stash of roving and wool when I got home. I really enjoyed creating these little felted friends while relaxing on my couch the next evening. Needle felting is so fun and easy once you get the hang of it. Maybe soon I will post a short tutorial here so you can try it too. Here are the little fuzzy friends that I made, in the morning light.  They will be heading off to new homes soon as I am getting started on my holiday gifts.




Live Painting & Urbanite

Last night I painted at the Grand Opening Party in a new showroom location for Floform and Cambria in Victoria. Live painting is an interesting experience. I am naturally quite a fast painter so I think that it suits me, but it also adds a performance element to the act of painting. Having spent quite a lot of time working in various galleries over the past few years,  I am used to talking to people about art,  and it was fun to do so while creating. The performance aspect reminded me of my time as  a hip hop dancer in eastern Canada. I enjoyed this event very much and  I look forward to painting at more live art opportunities.

Next week, I will be facilitating a special interactive art activity for  Urbanite  at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. We have a bunch of delightful fiber art materials donated kindly by Knotty by Nature and will be

creating a mixed media sculpture! If you were lucky enough to get a ticket before they all sold out in HALF AN HOUR, come say hello and make some art with me!

Have a great weekend!

  • Zazu